Oh, for a time when a school group could go to the nation’s capital, have an awkward encounter with some demonstrators, and not have it turn into an international incident. But such is, unfortunately, the world we live in. Everyone has a cell phone and is poised to use it at a moment’s notice. Blink, and you might open your eyes to discover that your most recent effort to just get through the day has turned you into the most hated person in America.
That, it appears, is what happened to Nick Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic High School in Covington, Kentucky. He went to the 2019 March for Life with a group from his school. While there, he and his friends encountered some members of the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), who proceeded to pepper them with profanity and verbally harass them, calling them assorted names (“cracker,” “faggot”) and suggesting they go find a school to shoot up.
The BHI members also singled out a black student for abuse—he was quickly folded into the group of boys for protection—and went on a lengthy anti-homosexual tirade, drawing audible gasps from some of the Covington Catholic boys, who have no doubt been taught that such talk is not acceptable.
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