Hollywood celebrities viewed Attorney General William Barr’s Senate testimony in horror Wednesday, melting down and demanding President Donald Trump’s impeachment.
The establishment media and Hollywood exploded as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) panned claims of Russian collusion and Barr dismissed Robert Mueller’s letter to him as “snitty.”
Activist Alyssa Milano took aim at William Barr, saying, “When he wrote that it’s virtually impossible for a president to obstruct justice in 2018, Barr nailed his audition to be Trump’s attorney general and set a course to ensure that Trump is above the law.”
“Barr lied to Congress. We the American people pay his salary. He works for us. The facts led where they led, & party affiliation must not color their exposure. We need someone of integrity & impartiality in this highest position in our justice system, not a lackey BarrMustResign,” actress Mira Sorvino said.
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