Is it really any of my business to reform you?

“Do you really think you know what’s best for me? So much so that you feel the right to make changes to our world that specifically effect me, without any consideration for me, just you and your values… which you think are superior to mine?”
Many think conservatives are the ones trying to change everybody. Where did that rumor start? That hasn’t been my experience. Today I am being told what I can and cannot say. That’s the politically correct police, and they ain’t conservative. I am being given terms for my body that are neither scientific nor familiar. That’s the point. They are words of control. They are words that threaten others into compliance. Control of language is mandatory in a totalitarian society. The one Ms. Ocasio-Cortez et al are begging for. And like I said, these aren’t the conservatives. Why does anyone think this is all right? If Bruce Jenner wants to dress like a woman and be called a woman’s name that’s his business. Why is it now my business if I don’t celebrate or don’t care?
Why am I even in the equation? Because someone wants me to bend to their will…their view of the world. And that can only be about one thing: power. And I’m over here minding my own business not interested in taking your power. How is this going to shake out?
Grown ups sounding like imbeciles
I heard an officer of the Ford Corporation today on business talk radio. The question to this money guy was, “What does your 4th quarter look like… what are the obstacles?” This was a day of plenty of stock market volatility secondary (it is thought) to the “bomb” packages sent to Democrats, including “John Brenan (sic) CIA c/o CNN Headquarters.” I put “bomb” in quotations because at this time no one knows what was in those packages considering none of them detonated anywhere…and I think there were 8 or 9 of them. Whoever did this did it in such a way as to look like an idiot. See my comments about David Axelrod in the last newsletter. Just sayin’. Election time and all. I digress. Again.
” When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom”Confucius
So Mr. Ford-Corporation-officer was nattering away about the “issues” and the “challenges” and the “undocumented worker issue” and the drivel just kept rolling downhill. I wanted to hear about steel, labor costs, tariffs and sales. What did any of this have to do with the business of making cars? Maybe all of this focus on politically correct speech has kept us too occupied to be the biggest producers in the world. I think China is willing to take that slot, and they aren’t too worried about belching out coal smoke and what anyone thinks of them. They are interested in power, and YOU had better be the one saying everything properly.