I’ll never forget Mitt Romney’s first debate with Barack Obama. Mitt dismantled him. He took off the gloves and laid him out. It was a sight for tired Republican eyes. Finally, the Republican Party fought back. Then came Round Two where Candy Crowley argued on behalf of an unprepared Obama while Mitt stood by mute. He looked weak. Apologetic. Lost. Unsure of himself. Embarrassed by his wealth. We all cringed. He grabbed defeat from what should’ve been the jaws of victory. Successful businessman versus community organizer. Hard work versus no work. Straight laced versus unlaced. I have had to struggle with respect for Romney ever since that night. We were all counting on him. We were invested. But not to be…. he was another McCain… softballs, platitudes, tell them what they want to hear, more apologies for America. Puke. Good riddance.
But the good people of Utah have decided to elect Mitt Senator, probably because he has an R after his name, and probably because he’s a Mormon. Me? I’m done. No more hold my nose and vote. I did that with Bush one and two, McCain and Romney and Dole. Then came Trump. A tough talking successful businessman who genuinely cares about America over other countries. A president who cuts taxes significantly for businesses creating jobs for the middle class. Who else can you think of who HASN’T done business as usual once getting elected? Only Trump. Who has tolerated more bashing than any elected president in history? Trump. And Mitt thinks Trump’s character falls short?
The Democrats stick together whether it’s a felony or rumor. The mainstream Republicans/anti-Trumpers/Chamber of Commerce/Big Banking/swamp dwellers are all trying to demean him. Mitt’s Washington Post editorial is just the first shot fired across the bow for the slate running in 2020 on the Republican presidential ticket. Ever hear, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall?” No, of course not. The Republican Party has let that one go to deaf ears for a long time. Oh wait, they don’t like Trump’s character. How convenient that he isn’t the big wuss that Romney was…. the thumbs down clown that McCain was…the bureaucrat swamp dwellers that Bob and Liddy Dole have been. And W? He rolled over and spent money like a drunken Democrat. Granted it pales in comparison to Obama, but it was outrageous nonetheless. Have you seen the bill for these wars? Have you seen the damage to life and limb and families? Trump said, “Bring them home.” Syria was a changing operation. First, it was get ISIS out. Then it was we will leave when the Russians leave (they’ve been there probably 40 years.) Then it was something about Iran. The creeping mission via the neocons. Was it a perfect decision? I don’t know enough behind-the-scenes to honestly say. I know that Mad Dog Mattis is gone and it worries me. But, like I said previously, puke.
I’m tired of the polite Republicans who roll over because it’s “impolite” to raise your voice. The Democrats intend to destroy us, as well as our country and our way of life. So do the bad guys in the Middle East. Let’s call it for what it is. Damned precarious times. Trump doesn’t apologize. He doubles down. I bet he says F you a lot. I get it… at least he has the decorum not to do it on camera like the recent female Democrat Congresswoman, the Muslim (religion of peace, remember?) who called him a M%$^ther F%&ker. And Mitt, you’re worried about the decorum of our president??!!?? Have you listen to CNN lately? Maxine Waters? Christine Gillibrand? How about Barack “tell Vladimir I’ll have more latitude after the election,” Obama? How about McCain with his petulant ego giving a thumbs down to screw Trump and instead screwed the entire country via healthcare. McCain, you were no account. Wrecking airplanes, wrecking lives, wrecking your party. It was all about you, not your country, at least not in modern times.
Mitt, why aren’t you writing about THEIR lack of character?
Trump didn’t need this job. He did it for love of America and her people. Is he perfect? Of course not, people never are and God often does His greatest work with imperfect people. You and your ilk are trying to wipe out Trump and his Presidency. You, Mr. Romney, have character that falls short because you are not supporting a duly elected President from your party. Whiny, untrustworthy, self-centered, clueless apologist. You are looking for polish and doing things the way they have always been done. The status quo squad. Don’t you get it? THAT’S WHY YOU ALL LOST.
I am looking for an instrument-sometimes surgical, sometimes blunt. But an instrument OF THE PEOPLE-that gets things done. Trump is not owned by anyone. He owes no one but the American people by his Oath of Office. Mitt is worried that the EU doesn’t like us. Good. Screw the EU globalism taking our money while spitting in our faces because we are not sophisticated enough. We saved ALL their asses in every modern war. Paying their NATO bill. Providing them weapons. Giving them discounts on medicines that the American people pay full price on while the Chamber of Commerce supports corporate elitism graft and the middle class gets the tool. But Europe? Apparently what we’ve done is not good enough for Mitt. The world clamors for visas to get here while saying death to America. And Mitt Romney doesn’t write editorials about that. Don’t rock the boat. Go along to get along. Be polite. And who does this Trump guy think he is to come in here, work hard enough for three people and win and turn things upside down against the swamp? Are you too dumb to see that America is so tired of all of you bloated RINOs? So much so that the Socialist party is on the rise because you haven’t done your job other than enriching yourselves and your cronies. Where is your outreach? You’re too busy sipping tea and making nice. But let the tough guy take all the heat, huh? Trump gets things done and you can’t stand it. It could’ve been you. You think it should of been you. But you didn’t have the stomach for it and America and Candy Crowley know it.
If Utah wants you that’s their business. I don’t live there, I don’t have to. If you think people are interested in recycled light weights, dream a little longer. You and McCain should have teamed up. Sarah Palin was his big draw and the family didn’t even have the class to invite her to his funeral. The RINOs tell us what they think we want to hear and then do nothing. Back to my commenting why the socialists are on the rise. How can you all be so clueless? And jealous. Do we really care what Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada and Sweden say rather than our own people? The Pew Center said “Trump has caused dismay around the world.” I DON’T CARE. Make America Great Again. Let the EU take care of Europe. Not my business. Let them pay their NATO bill. Let them look at Macron honestly as a tool groomed by the central bankers, while they wear their yellow vests in protest as they are being taxed out of business. But the wealthy get wealthier. Let them continue to ignore borders as Angela Merkel has done to the detriment of the sovereignty of Germany. Let’s look at Sweden’s no go zones, in places like Malmo and Stockholm. How about London? The mayor has made sure of that. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury once said, “Let them have their Sharia law.” Do you want me to discuss Canada’s healthcare policies? Tell me again why their opinion comes ahead of the American people?
The world does need American leadership, you Mitt Romney are correct about that. The world needs a solid winner. A fighter. A president who loves America and thinks it’s the greatest place on earth. Someone who doesn’t apologize. You want a unified Europe-a big fat EU? I don’t. I want the diversity of those many cultures Germans being Germans, Italians being Italians, rather than Europeans. I’d like to see the EU disintegrate with all of its bloat and self-aggrandizement as well as its tax bill. A flatulent bureaucracy that redistributes wealth and takes in disproportionate numbers of refugees their citizens cannot afford. You state you will oppose policies that are anti-immigrant but you don’t really define what that means. I have to guess that means open borders and no sovereignty here. Because once again, you want to make nice and look like a swell guy….one that can’t bear being disliked, one that can’t stand an argument, one who can’t say no. One who continues to give away the store called America, until it’s all gone and there’s nothing left. In the meantime, Americans need someone to say no to the heavies in the world. To be the adult in the room, because it’s about principles and not personalities. Someone to make hard choices. You couldn’t even tell Candy Crowley to mind her business, it was so beneath you. It was so déclassé. Not your style. Well Mitt, your style, and Jeb’s style and Marco’s style, and Mitch’s style, and Paul Ryan’s style is killing America. It is giving away the store. Our store. Our great America that needs no apology. Our great America that has led the world through strength not capitulation.
Mitt, don’t you get it? We are the champions, and we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end. We are the champions, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, no time for losers, cause we are the champions of the world.