Condemnations are rolling in for Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson’s mocking a GOP House of Representatives candidate and war veteran’s eye patch. The National Republican Congressional Committee is demanding an apology from NBC and Davidson for mocking Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw’s disability during a sketch last night. The Weekend Update diatribe by Davidson attacked various politicians and their alleged appearances.
Davidson, who compared politicans to a penis and a cigar, then joked about the former Navy SEAL for wearing an eye patch. Crenshaw lost his eye during combat. Crenshaw tweeted a reaction. “I hope @nbcsnl recognized that vets don’t deserve to see their wounds used as punchlines for bad jokes.”
NRCC spokesperson Jack Pandol also criticized Davidson, and referred to the comedian’s closing comments, wherein he briefly explained his recent split with fiance and pop superstar Ariana Grande.
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