Some people. Did something. If we keep this up, 9/11 will cease to exist in the history books. No matter how many New Yorkers have said “We will never forget,” I wonder what the history books are going to look like in 2219. Today my husband shared an article with me about a block of New York Congressman who were denying expanding tuition assistance for Goldstar families however they were enabling tuition assistance for “undocumented workers,” not illegal aliens. No, they are not undocumented workers, they are illegal aliens. Today’s article once again, is about words. Words matter. Control the language you control the culture.
The Left has been extremely clever in the usage of words that are the opposite of what the words mean. For example, open card and its reference to union organizing. One of my favorites, “conversation.” It is anything but. It means you’re going to bend to what we say, those of you who disagree with the left. How about “social justice?” I’m an attorney, I have training in justice. But social justice? A perpetuation of victimhood via redistribution. Now THERE’S your language.
Another hit is “fair share.” There’s nothing fair and there is no sharing. It is codified, legislated, enacted stealing and giving to others so you can obtain their vote. And then there’s the organization Common Cause. It is neither common nor is their cause. Some of the phrases I hear frequently, “take back control,” which is certainly what they tried to do with the Russia hoax. Russia hoax is now in the lexicon, and I’m sure they are sorry it is. How about Hillary’s “Greater Together.” Were only greater together if you leave the deplorables out of the basket. Oh those xenophobes and homophobes. No room in the basket for any conservatives either.
Here’s another, “social progress.” Now, I always thought there would be progress, especially socially, if people had jobs, food on the table, a roof over their heads and a way to better their kids’ lives. I heard today that the lowest job claims came in today since 1969. Why isn’t the press touting this? Why aren’t the Never Trumpers jumping up and down and being grateful? Because it just doesn’t fit into their swampy agenda. But they’re not real keen on Swamp analogy either. Maybe the word counterculture really is a good one.
And what’s up with “The Common Good,” anyway? See above paragraph. Our government is supposed to keep us safe, you know armies, trash hauling, paved roads. The “Chicken in Every Pot,” seems like an overreach to me. But perhaps I’m not a “Compassionate Conservative.” What Democrat came up with that crap? Or was that some Bush referring to himself to assuage his guilt over his wealth and privilege? These days they would say it was over his white male-ness. I would say it was that he was out of touch. “Compound,” was always a word I associate with chemistry class, a verb, or concoction from a pharmacy. Little did I know it would be the dwelling houses of gun owners.
“Fiscal responsibility” means trillions in debt with no checks or balances or brakes. As long as you’re buying votes it’s fiscally responsible. One of my very favorites is “the global community.” The word community is the antithesis of global. Now, if you want to make the earth your neighborhood, have at it. But unlike some of the leftist members of the Supreme Court, America has a Constitution, and we don’t need to borrow another from some godless country in Europe. But then again, they are so erudite, so intellectual, so chic, and so socially stupid. See Angela Merkel and the million or so military aged males she let in to the European Union without any background checks. My guess is that they’re going to have a new Constitution soon, and it’s called Sharia law. Bridget Bardot warned them in the 60s. She was jailed for hate speech. “Hate speech”… there’s another. Berkeley University used to be the home of free speech. Now if you are Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos you are in physical danger of speaking your mind. Milo was called anti-Semitic albeit he is Jewish. He’s gay as well, but not their kind of gay. He’s the kind of gay who votes for conservatives. Trump was called anti-Semitic too albeit his children and grandchildren are Jewish, and he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Just remember folks, the leftist trick is to say the opposite of what is real. Just like Star Wars, these are not the droids you’re looking for.
I hear the phrase “make a difference,” in reference to policy, bills, elections, outrageous behavior on a regular basis. It is the excuse used for bad behavior. The New York legislature made sure that the Empire State building was lit in celebration of late-term abortion. They were “invested” (another one of those words that means entrenched, not listening to any other opinion, and stop at nothing no matter who gets hurt) in “making a difference” for women all over the United States. Except for those women who will never be born. Women who don’t have a voice, along with their fathers. But they will be made comfortable after birth until their mother can figure it out because she couldn’t in the previous nine months. Because she is venal, perhaps stupid, and unquestionably evil. But we as a nation will be “providers” for those “decisions,” “procedures,” “needs,” “reproductive rights.” Rights. Except for the child, the human, whose voice is taken away while the baby struggles to breathe.
“Multicultural” means anything but not white or European. “Open mind” means you agree only with the left and never with the right. “Patriot” means the resistance and an attempted coup against the duly elected president. “Poor” means someone who has less than I do but votes to the left but definitely has a cell phone because that $1.50 some tax is on all of our bills. “Resource allocation” means carbon tax on businesses who provide jobs. And “special interest” is anyone with any influence the left disagrees with.
Who knew that “criminal” meant victim. That “economic justice” like “social justice” with its “warriors” meant theft. “Fascist” now means anyone who disagrees with the Democrat party. Another person “speaks truth to power,” but only if that power is the “progressive” left. A “fearmonger” is someone who openly points out the disparities in the radical rhetoric that Democrats spew. That same person points out what really happened on 9/11. Not “somebody did something.”