Just when you think you’ve seen the ultimate meltdown of the Democratic Party, there’s always more.
The hearing for Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was an utter debacle for the Democrats. But it also provided an opportunity for reassessing their view of the world and attitude about the American people. They clearly chose not to do so and are now doubling down on hate.
The obviously new narrative from the Democratic Party and their enablers is the insane insistence that President Donald Trump is responsible for the horrible Pittsburgh synagogue massacre and is a dangerous and horrific artifact of desperate people who seek to use every human crisis as a political opportunity.
Mr. Trump is a politician and has terrific people surrounding him. He has shown us for over two years now that he can handle the slings and arrows of the dying establishment machine. But the more troubling and sinister messaging has emerged against voters who chose freely in 2016 to not support the status quo.
In the aftermath of the synagogue massacre, two people fanatically opposed to the president have gone on national television and compared the president and his voters, in one case, to the Islamic State terrorist group (also known as ISIS) and, in the other, claimed the president and his supporters of having “blood on their hands.”
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