MEET the body modification artist dubbed the “Modfather” who has invented extreme body implants and – some even fit in your genitals.
Steve Haworth, based in Arizona in the US, has been hailed as one of the most controversial practitioners and has been known to completely transform a person’s look. Mr Haworth has worked on performers and thrill-seekers who wanted to look like cats, reptiles and demons.
He is also known as a flesh engineer and has created a line of implants which are inserted under the skin. He said: “When a person comes to me to get something done, they go through a rites of passage, whether this is a rite of passage into adulthood, or reclaiming their body from a past trauma or bad relationship.
“My greatest reward is the look of accomplishment and happiness on their face when they look in the mirror at the modification that I helped to achieve.”His most famous creation is the Metal Mohawk where he has placed metal inserts into a person’s shaved head which then allows a person to screw surgical steel spikes into their head.
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